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TIM Products
Silicone-based thermal interface materials, including thermal pads, high-performance fiberglass reinforced thermal pads, L37 Thermal Conductive Pads, and TG4040LC Thermal Interface Film.
Thermal Pads
Excellent thermal conductivity, ultra soft, highly compressible, and easy to be assembled. They are naturally tacky, and have high dielectric breakdown voltage, Pre-cutting into desired shapes and applying adhesive upon requests.
Ceramic Heat Spreaders
Light weight, high surface resistance, and are easy to be assembled. The contact area for heat dissipation will be increased. They have high thermal conductivity, high dielectric breakdown voltage.
New Product
TG-X Ultra Soft Thermal Pad is a high-end thermal product manufactured by T-Global Technology. With low hardness at shore 00, high compressibility at 70% and 12 W / mK thermal conductivity, TG-X is widely used in industrial computers and military devices.
Why Using Thermal Interface Material?

Using thermal interface material (TIM) to link two joint faces, the heat flow go through equally, and the thermal conductive performance is good.